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We Have One Of The Most Advanced Service Departments In The World!

We Service Polaris Rangers, Polaris ATVs, Yamaha Motorcycles, Yamaha ATVs, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Kawasaki ATVs, Kawasaki Mules, Hammerhead Off-Road products, KTM Dirt Bikes, KTM Street bikes, and KTM ATVs.

offered in-house services:

  • Engine Shop

    Evansville SuperBike Shop Builds Engines For Clients All Over The World. 

  • Custom Fuel Maps

  • Rebuild Crankshafts

    Evansville SuperBike Shop Can Rebuild And Crankshaft! We Use Precision Jigs and Balancing Equipment To Rebuild your Crankshaft With Ultra-Precision!

  • CNC HAAS Machining

    We Offer One Of The Only Full Service In-House Custom CNC Design and Engineering Centers. We utilize Full Axis HAAS Machining Centers and We Manufacture A Lot Of Your Aftermarket Products In-House.

  • Full Radius Valve Jobs

  • Full Race Tech Suspension Center

    Evansville SuperBike Shop Has Been a Race Tech Service Center Since 1996! If You Need Custom Race Tech, Gold Valve Valving Or Just Have Your Suspension Fluid Changed and Serviced then Come On Down Because We Do It All In-House! We Offer World-Wide Shipping Too.

  • Cylinder Sleeving, Boring, & Honing

    Evansville SuperBike Shop Performs Cylinder Sleeving, Cylinder Boring and Cylinder Honing All In-House! We Also Perform Full Radius Valve jobs Using The Latest In Serdi Equipment.

  • Engineering & Product Development Center

    We Offer Custom Tuning and Diagnostic Services With Our Dyno Tuning Center.

  • Motorcycle Dyno For Custom Tuning

Service Recommendations and Delivery

Please call our service department to schedule your service work.

Need Help?

Call our service department at (812) 477-1740


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